At edICT Computer Training, learning was more than cognitive – it was a psychological and emotional journey of self-discovery and self-belief. Individual tuition and care provided the learning space and place that was relevant and appropriate for my learning capacity and level of computer knowledge.


edICT combined a structured and systematic approach with a flexibility that reflected a concern for my well-being – not just as student, but as a person. As a result, my achievements exceeded my expectations.


My months at edICT were truly well spent!

Lynette Toohey – Educator


edICT trainers are friendly and very helpful in their explanations. The computers are in good shape and the location is easily accessible with public transport.

Bongumusa Mkhize – UNISA student


I enrolled for the Picasa digital photograph editing course at edICT as I had recently downloaded the software and wanted to know to best use it.


I found the course very informative and worthwhile.


A useful part of the course was learning how to email photographs which are automatically reduced in size and also to install software to upload photographs to facebook. The course also included learning how to remove red-eye, create collages and many other useful options for enhancing photographs. The printing features suggested various ideas particularly the creating of gift tags using photographs. I will be able to use my own photographs for this.


I am now able to build albums drawing pictures from different folders as well as a custom screensaver. We worked on photographs provided by edICT to illustrate the various features of the programme with detailed notes for reference when working on photographs at home.


I can highly recommend the course!

Elaine De Sylva


edICT staff  are very patient and supportive. Always ready to help, repeat and clarify things I am not sure of. The atmosphere is friendly and conducive to leaning and I was allowed to work at my own pace.

Margie Voogt – Educator



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